Happy Clinic Skincare

"Now everyone can afford to be happy!"

The journey for Happy Clinic Skincare began in the winter of 2013, an unusually dry and cold winter. My skin, hands, and especially feet were dry and chapped. Unable to find relief with the expensive creams and lotions that I sold at my Medspa - Happy Clinic Denver, my partner Scott suggested that I try the all natural foot cream that he himself personally formulated. I had my doubts as I have tried many, many foot creams before without any improvement in my

condition. But I did what he suggested - applying the foot cream twice a day, once in the morning and again at night before I went to bed. Nothing else was needed - no scrubbing, no exfoliating, no loofa, and no soaking. Within 10 days, my feet went from smelly "hooves" as Scott put it, to soft, pampered skin. I was sold on his foot cream formula! Not only did it work, but the ingredients were all natural, made with organic essential oils, free from harmful preservatives made of

parabens, which are class 10 carcinogens.


For over a year now, we have been planning the launch of Happy Clinic Skincare, testing different variations of Scott's formula, for creams that  not only does amazing things for your skin, but also feels and smells amazing too! Coming soon!!!


-Phil Nguyen, MD, Scott Larson, MS

Happy Clinic Skincare is made in beautiful Denver, Colorado.